Contract Negotiation

Since 1993 Empathy is an independent Negotiators and mediators firm with integrated Corporate Governance. Empathy is specialized in providing sophisticated legal resolutions for business partners. We can negotiate business transactions and provide diplomacy. Empathy is familiar with Anglo-American, Asian and European business cultures. We help to let you understand and appreciate misunderstandings or mediate in commercial & legal disputes. We assist foreign business contracts & real estate contracts. Our rates depends on the local legal settings and might be negotiable.

  • Basis fee €.249,00 euro per hour
  • Individual coaching €.259,00 euro per hour
  • Dispute negotiation €.299,00 euro per hour
  • Contracts  €.1.992,00 euro per contract
  • Conditions draft / assessment €.1.992,00 euro
  • Employment contract draft / assessment €.1.992,00 euro
  • Business cooperation draft /assessment  €.1.992,00 euro

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