ADR Appropriate Dispute Resolution

ADR: Appropriate (dispute) Resolutions Right Ahead

Disputes are the opportunity for useful future contacts and beneficial contracts. Juridical discussion is history, concentrate on future business. We know sound-right respectful resolution / settlements with intermediate cultural capacities. Guanxi!

Make well aware decisions about the way you want to solve conflicts. We are willing to help you to make the right choices. We suggest that you make an appointment for an introduction interview with one of our lawyers. We advice you to bring every document on the case to this meeting. Of course we will handle these documents with care and confidentiality. You can also make copies of the documents and sent these in advance. If you decide to contact us our general conditions and the financial aspects of the professional relation are always applicable. See the link for a summary of the General conditions. In the intake we will give feedback by a clear observation of your case. We tell you what you can do and in what way we can help. This interview can be held in the office of Empathy.nLaw in any other convenient location find in good harmony. Mediation Advice is a service provided by certified mediators and registered with the Dutch Mediator’s office. Contact us


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