Mediation is an effective way to solve disputes
by fulfilling your interests yourself
with the assistance of Empathy expert mediators who drafts the resolutions.

Mediation by Empathy.nLaw means that in a maximum of 4 sessions the throughout mediation will be completed. Parties have up to 16 hours to let the mediator help to find solutions for each individual interest. Experience Empathy mediators know that more hours of conversation is pointless and that a longer period does not contribute to a solution. We also provide a draft settlement agreement. Parties have all liberty to choose to agree and to sign the covenant. The entire mediation including signing settlement takes up to 6 weeks. Upon our acceptance, start 6 weeks, we will be so in the short term of service. We will provide you a dynamic service on the shortest notice. Our mediator starts the mediation after receiving the signed written mediation agreement.

Empathy three key characteristics

  • voluntary
  • conversation with no strings attached
  • confidential

The participants agree to confidentiality before beginning. That means solely that any option mentioned in mediation can not be used in a legal procedure unless parties decide to put this resolution in an agreement. At the beginning of the mediation parties and the mediator just enter into an agreement that they will attempt to resolve the dispute by means of mediation. The informal and flexible mediation process commences after signing this mediation agreement. The mediator does not force an outcome on the parties. Rather people involved decide themselves how to work out their differences. The outcome can be put in a covenant, which finalizes the mediation process. Empathy.nLaw has specialized LL.D.-mediators for divorce settlements & labor conflicts

Mediation is not suited for all parties. Mediation is less successful where:
1. Equality is missing between the parties and one of the parties cannot adequately represent itself or, alternatively, obtain legal assistance, or
2. Where there is a lack of interest in a future relationship between the parties, whereby one of the parties is either not interested in conciliation, wishes to employ delay tactics or wishes to set legal precedence or obtain an award on principal.

Mediation Requirements will work only if the following conditions are present:

  • The parties must be willing to resolve the problem together
  • The participants in the meetings must have authority to enter into a settlement agreement
  • participants are aware of the fact that everyone is present on a voluntary basis
  • participants will guarantee to each other confidentiality
  • Mediator needs to have a good working relation with all participants
  • Communication between mediator and parties should be meticulous
  • Mediation needs mutual trust, respect and open communication
  • Parties will hand over all papers and official documents to the mediator and
  • Parties accept that the mediator will investigate these papers as far the mediator feels it is needed
  • In divorce mediation it is needed to hand over all documents listed according to Dutch Law
  • Dutch certified mediators can in the Netherlands only work within the conditions of Dutch Law. According to the rules and instructions of the ADR-register the mediator is obliged to keep confidentiality unless his professional work will be subject of discussion


  • relations may meet improvement
  • in an wise way completion of a relation
  • avoiding unnecessary damages
  • Empathy.nLaw has the capacity & time for a good meeting
  • confidentiality are guaranteed
  • resolutions will be put into legal contracts
  • Empathy.nLaw knows the Law and translates it into sound words
  • costs are limited and shared equally among participants
  • Empathy.nLaw has specialized LL.D.-mediators for divorcelabor conflicts and harassment incidents.
  • All Empathy mediations are in  accordance to European Standards and the requirements of the ADR-register.

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